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Design by Haley

Haley Baird is a jeweler and designer at David Douglas Diamonds and founder of Reverie Jewelry. Kindred is her hand engraved jewelry. Reverie is her American mined and made bridal line. Haley Baird is the designer and founder of Reverie Jewelry which is an American jewelry line made with American materials, and Kindred Jewelry which brings a fresh feel to an age old art with her hand-engraved jewelry. 

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Moon Styled Pendant

Moon Styled Pendant is a choice for daily inspiration. It can look great worn by themselves as an everyday staple necklace.

 Here's why Moon Styled Pendant is a choice of your daily inspiration.
     • A crescent moon was known to symbolize womanhood, fertility, intuitiveness, psyche and empowerment. 
     •  A moon is a reminder to go with your intuition and follow your dreams.
     •  A great way to celebrate the inspirational women in your life.


Design by Dawn

Dawn Close moved to southern Africa in 1984 and has been living or involved in the region ever since. FREE was founded in 2010 as part of her coursework while studying for a master in International Development at the University of Pittsburgh. While studying at Pitt she discovered the concept of value addition, a simple but overlooked principle that in order to benefit its people, products should be developed from a nation’s natural resources rather than exporting them in rough form. Value addition is at the heart of F.R.E.E.’s product development. Currently a group of 10 women manufacture jewelry from the premises in Ng’ombe Compound. These designers include, [insert names].


Hammered Geometric Necklace

A Hammered Geometric Necklace made of a recycled Copper.

 Copper is one of the most important and popular metals in the world. Known for its beautiful reddish-brownish color. Copper is a favorite among jewelry lovers.


Design byShy

For over 25 years, Shy Dayan has designed a continuously evolving collection of contemporary fine jewelry that redefines modern luxury. Established in 1993, Shy Creation was born of Shy’s lifelong passion and commitment to creating exquisite jewelry designs. Shy began his career as a master jeweler, transforming rare gems and unique stones into statement making, couture-quality creations. Shy’s signature yellow diamond jewelry earned him industry wide recognition for producing impeccably handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces. With unparalleled standards of quality, all Shy Creation designs are handset with meticulous attention to detail.



The ultra unique 'Phoenix' feather pendant necklace highlights Shy Creation's commitment to impeccable design and craftsmanship. Delicately hinged, the 'Phoenix' motif curves and caresses like silk - a must-have for every jewelry collection.

•14K Yellow Gold
•Lobster Clasp Closure
•0.29 Carat Weight
•Available in: Yellow, Rose, and White

All Shy Creation items are hand set and all stones are natural and hand-picked.



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