The Hard Working Mother™ Necklace

The Hard Working Mother™ Necklace

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The Hard Working Mother™ Necklace // Labradorite, Silver, and Gold

Your day starts at dawn and ends late into the night. Your calendar is packed and your to-do list never ends, but you keep your priorities in order. We know you are strong. The indentations in the represent all that you accomplish each day and every day to uplift those around you. Although it may seem overwhelming at times, remember to keep your priorities in place. Wear this necklace and be glamorous in the conference room. Go ahead and sparkle a little in the carpool line. You can be both strong and beautiful.

Have you ever seen a labradorite this firey?! If you aren't familiar with this gemstone, it isn't normally this incredible! This stone speaks volumes on it's own, so the design is kept simple. There's a hammered halo of silver around the stone that is hand finished by smashing a diamond into it to give it subtle but stunning sparkle. Adorned with a 14k yellow gold bead at the bottom to round out the colors!

This pendant comes on a 24'' sterling silver cable chain.

Sterling Silver Necklace & 14k Yellow Gold Accent
Oval Labradorite Gemstone
24" Sterling Silver Cable Chain

Dimensions: 29 mm (W), 50 mm (H)