How to Look Great On Camera In 15 Minutes or Less

Successful Ladies: Have you ever had to jump on a Zoom call and didn’t have enough time to get ready? Sign up below to watch this presentation and learn how to be camera-ready in 15-minutes or less so you can always put your best self forward, even when you are tight on time.

Public relations expert, Stephanie Richards, founder of On Camera Fashion, Esaltare Designs and SowGrow Public Relations, shares tips on how to have a camera-ready wardrobe. Salina Beasley, image consultant with About Face Studios and Mary Kay Cosmetics, shares tips on how to stock your desk with everything you need to be camera-ready in minutes. No more turning off the camera during meetings. No more losing credibility on camera. Be ready to take on any opportunity that comes your way.


How to Look Great on Camera in 15 Minutes or Less (Video)

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