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The Company

Esaltare Designs® (ĭ-zhul-tär-āy) creates career jewelry for executives and entrepreneurs who want to celebrate their business accomplishments and uplift others along the way. Esaltare means “to, extol, exalt or celebrate” in Italian, but it can be translated as “uplift” in English. Each jewelry collection celebrates specific career milestones and successes. Celebrating big and small successes improves optimism, builds confidence, relieves stress, increases resilience and boosts mental health. Esaltare Designs also provides free business resources to help ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs succeed.

Encourage success by inviting women to celebrate their career and business accomplishments with meaningful pieces of jewelry and uplift others on their path to success.  

Our vision is to build a community of executive and entrepreneurial women who celebrate each other's successes, edify each other in challenges, and uplift others.

Core Values